Tech Discoveries by Ireland’s Leading SEO’s

Tech Discoveries by Ireland’s Leading SEO’s

The following information is written by Elmo who is a web designer and a reputable SEO at DublinSEOservices  in Ireland & Today we want to talk about what SEO is, to show on a concrete example of our blog how Seo optimization (external and internal) is able to literally work wonders in promoting the site and answer the question of why you should not neglect Search Engine Optimisation in any case.

In fact, although this article is primarily addressed to the beginning webmaster, from our experience, we can judge that many of Seo webmasters have simply been neglected and do not even try to understand its essence, as if embarrassed to look prejudiced in the eyes of their readers. Stupidity sometimes comes over. We did not study SEO for the first year and thought that it was unnecessary.
There is a very hackneyed phrase, which somehow became a dogma for many – write articles for people and success will not keep you waiting. Yes, content (content) is certainly a fundamental pillar of the successful development of the Internet project, but far from being the only one and certainly not sufficient. Last summer we began to work on internal optimization, later our blog’s attendance grew by two (to about 5000) for half a year. Impressive, right?


In the beginning of summer in Ireland we decided to stop partying and have seriously started to increase the reference mass, then the attendance of our blog again doubled in half a year (to about 10,000). Then even we ourselves we impressed. Well, yes, we had to tarnish yourself with SEO optimization of texts, buying links, etc. things, but there is a result. Do you think that all this is blown and is attracted to the ears? Read more about SEO Services that need to be used for success.

There are modern search engines that read some of the behavioral factors, which very clearly gives Yandex and Google information about the interestingness of this Internet project to visitors. Since we are still on Top (the top ten sites in the issue), then our content is interesting to users. And if your content is interesting to users?

Quick steps in making your content and site grow in google:
Infographics – why? Get natural backlinks and social shares
Geog-tag images – why? Help google bot understand where you are based
Guest posts – why? Obtain new connections and great backlinks to boost your site.

More secrets to come in part 2. Keep your eyes open.