Hemp Cannabis Clothing – A Revolution in Modern Society

Hemp Cannabis Clothing – A Revolution in Modern Society

Their hemp clothing is the comfort, practicality, natural beauty, ecological purity. New technologies make the material from cannabis the most modern cloth on the planet. Products made from cannabis hemp, fabrics with more than ten thousand years of history, and now enjoy great popularity in the world among people who appreciate natural beauty, style, natural, organic products, their health, and well-being. Apparent rudeness, unevenness of the surface gives it a special external uniqueness, behind which softness and comfort in toes hide.

Preservatives, sweets, and products of genetic engineering were captured in the 21st century. But there are people who are against it. They want everything “right” – including clothes. Therefore, in response to the emerging demand, “environmentally friendly” collections of clothing began to be produced. This clothing, the material of which is made of natural fibers, grown in a natural way, without any chemical impurities.

Hemp has long been used to make fabrics, but only now specialists have been able to find a rational explanation for this state of affairs. Hemp (English HEMP – hemp) differs from other materials in its practicality and ease of use. Like other natural fabrics, hemp is very pleasant for the body. It supports the normal heat exchange of the human body: in winter it is not cold, and in summer it is not hot. Ultraviolet radiation, so damaging to our skin, is retained almost completely by hemp tissue (by 95%), while other tissues can boast only 30-70%. This material is very durable – once bought a thing will serve you until it becomes uncomfortable that it will happen very soon. INBI offers models for every taste and for all ages: from classical to sporting things. Dressing in a ham, you can be sure that you will not face your nose to the person dressed like you at every intersection because Clothing from cannabis is produced in limited quantities due to the complexity of dressing and processing fabrics.

“INBI Hemp” provides production of clothing that meets modern requirements for comfort and environmental cleanliness. As a natural raw material for the production of comfortable and hygienic clothes, technical (textile) hemp varieties are used that possess, on the one hand, the properties of the medicinal hemp, and on the other hand do not contain narcotics and other substances harmful to health, which is confirmed by sanitary and epidemiological conclusions SES and certificates.

Use in the production of only natural materials is the main principle followed by INBI Hemp Spirited Products. Fabric, obtained from hemp, has a high degree of stability and during processing preserves useful and valuable properties of the natural material. Such tissue remains biologically active, softly interacts with the skin, and is able to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the external environment – salts of heavy metals, an unfavorable combination of temperature and humidity, the negative effect of excessive ultraviolet irradiation, thereby preventing skin cancers.